logo for the League of Women Voters of Wichita-Metro

3 Ways to Vote

    • By mail: fill and send advanced ballot application
    • Early in-person voting: scroll to “vote early in person” and find a polling place
      • Note: any polling place will do for early voting!
    • In-person on Election Day: go to your polling site!
      • If you are in line by poll closing time, you are allowed to vote!

What to Expect at the Polls

Bring along

You will be asked

  • To state your name and current address (must match voter registration info)

Ask for help!

  • Poll workers are qualified and happy to answer questions
  • You may request a paper ballot if you prefer not to use the machine

If you are given a provisional ballot

  • You may be given a provisional ballot if:
    • your stated address does not match
    • you are in the wrong polling place
    • problems with your ID
  • A provisional ballot is still a valid way to vote!

If you need assistance due to a disability, illness, or lack of English language proficiency

If you have problems