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As a League of Women Voters member, you are probably well aware that voting rights are not the only rights that the League supports. We are at a critical moment for the right of all Kansans to have accessible, affordable healthcare. This is one of those rights the League supports and with that intent, it supports Medicaid expansion for Kansas. The League of Women Voters Wichita-Metro requests that our members participate in this critical call for personal action!

In addition to your own senators, there are a critical few who hold great power over what action gets taken on a particular bill. As we learned at the last legislative forum, these are the Senate President and committee chairpersons. They decide if and when a bill or piece of legislation even gets heard or debated. We need these critical legislators to know that we support Medicaid Expansion and want it brought to the floor in order to receive the fair opportunity to be voted on.

Please take action and contact critical Senators from Wichita:

Learn more about Medicaid expansion from Alliance for a Healthy Kansas.


Thank you,
Pat Reinhold, Co-President
Barbara Moore, Advocacy Chair
League of Women Voters Wichita-Metro