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Lots of U.S. Leagues already are!

Non-partisan Leaguers have been hearing about the ultimate non-partisan issue: “climate change,” but what exactly is it? Climate change is THE story everyone needs to understand.

If you watch the short videos below, explore the websites, and/or see what the city of Elgin IL (population 108,000) did, you will have:

  • a basic understanding of what is happening with climate change now,
  • what our children face if nothing is done soon,
  • how we might use the League’s community credibility to educate about climate change, and
  • how we can create local action like smaller Elgin did!

The national LWV climate change sub-group recommends these brief climate change overviews:

Call to Action

After you educate yourself on this existential threat to our shared future, after you see that climate change demands action if our children and their children are to have seasons and weather close to what we think of as normal, think locally. For example, our League could play an influential role in our city or county to develop a sustainability task force.

Wichita Leaguers who wish to brainstorm local solutions to limit climate change are welcome to contact League board member Jane Byrnes at